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Tour Packages

#OneChineseInColombia is proud to have designed a super holiday package for those of you who want fuss-free travel! It’s very exciting! Get USD 125 off for this trip by filling in your details below! 下載金三角13日行程單張(PDF)  

Why should you visit Colombia now? III

So.. 2 years ago (can’t believe it’s been 2 years) I wrote about why you should come to Colombia NOW. At that time I talked about the dirt cheap currency and the el niño amazingly hot and dry climate. This year there’s yet another reason for coming! Colombia came second on the Best In Travel […]

How big is Colombia?

That’s something that surprised me when I first came! Colombia is really big! Well, maybe not as big as China, or Brazil, but it’s as big as France, Spain and Portugal combined! It’s more than 4 times than the UK! So, Colombia is BIG, with lots to SEE!! I guess I shouldn’t complain about how hard […]