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How Colombians celebrate Christmas

  A ‘luxury’ version novena, in which a Vallenato band has been brought in to celebrate the hostess’ birthday which happened to be on one of the novena days. Christmas celebrations in Colombia really start nine days (I know, rather different from the Anglo-saxon 12 days) before Christmas, which explains the name of the rather beautiful tradition novena, when […]

Another reason to party

So, another year, another Halloween, except that every year Halloween craze just gets bigger and bigger. Last year, I had the chance to see how lively the streets gets, as everyone goes out for a bit of fun in their costume and makeup. However, I don’t seem to recall that people actually have Halloween parties at the offices! So […]

When ‘On my way’ doesn’t mean on my way

Colombians’ time perception translated – for the benefit of newly arrived foreigners who are still acclimatising to the culture here. I’ve often been deceived (perhaps unintentionally, in their defence?) when meeting the locals, when the person I’m supposed to meet says ‘ya voy en camino’ (I’m already on my way). The expression actually means something really […]

The celebration that forever keeps you waiting

Crazy bulbs in the shape of roses on the tree A Christmas train (cute.. but WHY?) Nativity scene (with light bulb) I would never have expected that I’d spend my Christmas sitting idle. How exciting. Christmas day was spent waiting. The whole family had been sitting around since 4pm, and no one seemed to be […]

Colombia gets ready for Christmas!

Home-made Christmas socks for every single member in the family So it’s Christmas!!! As I’ve said before, Colombians are crazy about Christmas! At this time everything that is associated with Christmas is out from storage and gets displayed around the house.. Maybe it’s because it’s so warm here, people feel that they have to compensate […]

Christmas (or Cruelmas?)

Colombians showing their carnivorous side I learned recently that it is a tradition to eat pork or turkey at Christmas. However, I NEVER expected this! I was greeted by this poor little piggy as I entered a restaurant that appears to think that it was an attraction that would bring customers in, I guess, otherwise […]

A Colombian Christmas

Irma lighting candles like we do at mid autumn festival.. Colombians are CRAZY about Christmas! Their love of Christmas may make the Europeans or their northern counterparts ashamed. They like the most techno and hyperactive light effects in neon blue and white for decorating the facades of their houses, and the lights are religiously turned […]

Fridges in Colombia

Even the door space doesn’t get a break.. Freezer exploding with food that has been carefully stored for ‘freshness’ Perhaps this is to do with the habitual lack of resources in the past? Or perhaps this is not representative of Colombians.. Mario’s family likes to buy the whole back of cows and pigs, get it […]


Every now and then you would hear horses trotting outside on the streets. (¡¡¡??) Yes, they still use horses here.. And yes, you have horses on highway competing with you for a lane in the middle of traffic jam. Imagine that. That’s worse than being on a London road when the black cabs, double-deckers and cyclists all come together! […]

A Colombian Lunch

  I don’t know if this is ‘traditional’, all I know is that this is consumed in the Nigrinis family. Lunch is the main meal of the day, served at 12.45 (always, OCD traits that contributed to Mario’s habits).. It’s comprised of a fruit salad (usually with papaya, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes), a vege […]