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Your favourite country in Latin America?!

‘Colombia has so much to offer – the best coffee in the world, cuisine that takes carbo-loading to the next level, weird looking yet tasty fruits you can’t find anywhere else, magnificent handicrafts from different indigenous groups, a Caribbean coast with the vibrantly colored colonial (and party) town Cartagena, Cafe Havana, breathtaking (literally) landscape 4000m […]

Earthquake in Bogota!?

I got a little lie-in on a Sunday a month ago. (Since we’re in Bogotá, with the usual waking hour at 5.30am, a lie-in means sleeping till 8am..) Just as I was putting on the kettle and sorting out the kitchen mess from the night before, my intercom rang. ‘Buenos dias.’ ‘fifjv nkdlvn htoeq rtiqrq […]

Colombia’s political soap

  The Colombian presidential election is a funny thing You wonder how the five presidential candidates are going to get their votes here when there’re no debates. No rallies. No challengers. No interviews. No constructive discussions of policies. No concrete plans of how their political commitment can be achieved (well, with the exception of Enrique […]

A forest & a criminal – Rio Claro

Back in June, for the first time, ONE Chinese ventured into Antioquia where the second biggest city in Colombia, Medellin, is found. If you tell a Colombian about the Rio Claro of Antioquia (there’s another river of the same name in Brazil), it’s likely that they’ll tell you they’ve never heard of the natural reserve. Given that the untouched little gem holds […]

New Logo

It is a misfortune that Colombia have in the past been engrossed with the violence and illegal drug problems within the country, which have taken up all her attention. As a by-product, Colombia has been branded – a dangerous place, and  has isolated herself. Now she’s catching up, the peace talks are under way to finally clean […]

The happiest place on earth

The 35 year-old annual ‘Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness’ survey (I know, it’s ridiculous how many different kinds of surveys are out there! You name it, you get it!) recently determined that Colombia was the happiest country on the planet in 2012. Colombians appear to be at least twice as happy as the rest of […]

The latest music obsession in Colombia!

Colombians love their music. In fact, it may be one of the main reasons behind their consistent top position on the world’s happiest countries list. Their love of music isn’t only confined to native talents. They listen to all sorts (er, perhaps not Chinese yet). You already know from my previous post that PSY’s Gangnam […]

China’s reputation abroad

English Bulldog Kira apparently they are good at skateboarding and surfing?! The other day I went to a friend’s wife’s parent’s country house. It’s very popular to have country houses among those Bogotáns who can afford it, because they hate Bogotá so much.. The one I went to was more like a palace though..    After […]

Directories in Colombia

In this photo, you see the poor old man with 3 yellowpages/directories.. So why the hell would he need so many of them? ‘Why did the directory man give you 3 phonebooks?’ ‘Because we have 3 telephones.’ So, yes, it appears that in this country, phone directories are given out based on the number of […]

Bogotáns and Ice-cream

It’s a love relationship, no doubt. You can find people eat ice-cream at any time of the day (we’re talking about as early as 10am..) It’s a standard kind of dessert, a snack, or even a meal (common for people to go for the 2-3 scope sundaes). So if you go on the streets at […]