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How Colombians celebrate Christmas

  A ‘luxury’ version novena, in which a Vallenato band has been brought in to celebrate the hostess’ birthday which happened to be on one of the novena days. Christmas celebrations in Colombia really start nine days (I know, rather different from the Anglo-saxon 12 days) before Christmas, which explains the name of the rather beautiful tradition novena, when […]


Halloween turns out to be the biggest event in Bogotá! Absolutely amazing! The whole city turns itself into a mega fun fair. It’s the ultimate spectacle of the year before the ‘festival of lights‘ begins in November. It was like a carnival! Everyone seems to have left work early and hits the streets in their […]

Yea! Holidays!

If you like holidays (who doesn’t!?), Colombia is THE place to be because it has the second largest number of national holidays in the world! Perhaps a big reason that’s brought Colombia ‘the happiest country in the world’ status. When you start asking why on earth this country has so many holidays, it gets very […]

The Holy Grail of Chinese ingredients in Bogotá

Being ‘One Chinese In Colombia’, of course I have to be held responsible for my ethnicity and spread  my culture! So, at the biggest Chinese event of the year, Chinese New Year, I HAD to celebrate it! What’s a better way to have a Chinese culture education than to make a Chinese dinner, with food […]


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Colombian New Year’s Eve

It was a Christmas Eve repeat. Like a sequel to any mega blockbuster (Batman perhaps an exception), like your Matrix or Alien, always comes with high expectation and an equal dose of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong it was totally heartfelt warming to be with the family. I guess I might have enjoyed it more if […]

The celebration that forever keeps you waiting

Crazy bulbs in the shape of roses on the tree A Christmas train (cute.. but WHY?) Nativity scene (with light bulb) I would never have expected that I’d spend my Christmas sitting idle. How exciting. Christmas day was spent waiting. The whole family had been sitting around since 4pm, and no one seemed to be […]

Christmas Gathering in a Garage

Since Christmas is such a big deal here, we started celebrating 2 weeks ago. (The truth was because Mario’s sister wouldn’t be here for Christmas so we had to celebrate in advance.) We were invited to her house for dinner. She said it was a tradition to gather family and friends around for a simple […]

Colombia gets ready for Christmas!

Home-made Christmas socks for every single member in the family So it’s Christmas!!! As I’ve said before, Colombians are crazy about Christmas! At this time everything that is associated with Christmas is out from storage and gets displayed around the house.. Maybe it’s because it’s so warm here, people feel that they have to compensate […]

Christmas (or Cruelmas?)

Colombians showing their carnivorous side I learned recently that it is a tradition to eat pork or turkey at Christmas. However, I NEVER expected this! I was greeted by this poor little piggy as I entered a restaurant that appears to think that it was an attraction that would bring customers in, I guess, otherwise […]