Monthly Archives: April 2014

the ubiquitous chocoflan

It’s Easter so let’s talk about something eggy. The other day it occurred to me that I should write about chocoflan, a immensely popular dessert and therefore a common presence in Bogotá. It’s a genius invention that solves the dilemma of choices because you get crème caramel and chocolate cake in one dessert. Sometimes you can […]

Bogotá’s Indian Gin Bar

I can’t say that Gin and Indian food will work for everyone.. Try it only if you have a strong stomach. Little Indian Super Star may stand for an unappealing combo of overpriced gin cocktails, slightly stuck-up service and inauthentic Indian food, but it’s worth going once for the sake of novelty, to marvel at incredulously over-the-top decorations and the potentials of […]

Watery milk soup – Not for the faint-hearted

  Indeed, just the look of the white frothy soup dish, changua, may be a shock to anyone. Changua’s a prominent member on Bogotá’s breakfast menu. It makes up city’s psyche. Talk to any Bogotanos (most, anyway) about changua and it’s likely that they’ll give you a longing, happy look. It’s the ultimate comfort food of […]