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Skin Deep Beauty

It’s Thursday so it’s time for some dining out inspiration for the weekend! Restaurants goers will have already been to NN since it opened last year, which is no longer considered a new comer to the fleeting restaurant scene of Bogota. NN is particularly secretive. Without even a website, it is hard for customers to make reservations, let alone to find it. […]


Phone ringing.. ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m coming.’ *Did I ask what you were doing?*   ‘Where are you?’ ‘Around Calle 85’ *But where? By the way the 85th is 1 km long*   Calling again.. ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m coming to get the keys!’ *AGAIN?*   ‘WHERE are you??!’ ‘I’m at Calle 95!’ *AGAIN?*   In […]

The Shoeshiner

How can I send my postcard?

We were just talking about finding postcards for tourists. Let’s say you finally got yourself some dainty postcards, and you’ve set aside time to write them. Now, you need to post them. But how? There’s no postal service in Bogotá. Or, let me correct myself. There’s no efficient and reliable postal service here. The publicly run 472 will […]

No, you won’t find the usual postcards for tourists

Dear fellow travellers, You might have already discovered this sad piece of truth – there is no postcard for sale in Bogotá. (Well I don’t know other places well enough to speak for them. The same thing may be true about the rest of Colombia.) Usually, a tourist destination like the Eiffel tower or Sydney […]