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The notorious Colombian toffee

Colombian sweets/desserts take sweetness to a whole different level, on par of the Middle-eastern sweet pastry baklava or the Indian Jalebi! So you have a sweet tooth? Not a problem! Get some arequipe! Arequipe is equivalent to the more commonly circulated name, dulce de leche, in Spain and many other Latin American countries e.g. Argentina. It […]

A cafe less than its name

Harry’s Bakery is one of those cafes that simply entice you with large-size cakes on display, usually too many of them for you to be able to make a decision. The cake size and selection indicate that it’s an American-style café rather than a dainty patisserie. After thinking long and hard, evaluating between choosing my longstanding favorites […]

Tree tomato?!!

I was in a small, typical Colombian cafe (you know, one of those that look scruffy but dish up amazing food, just like those in HK!) when I first came across this peculiar oval-shape fruit. Apparently tree tomatoes are different from the usual ones that we put in our salad or pasta..  I had a […]

DUNK IT like Dunkin

Dunkin has done very well in Colombia, especially among the middle class, by offering good value. And they fit in well here because Colombians have a very sweet tooth. Their desserts are very sweet and a lot of which are made from milk and a kind of caramel (arequipe). So Dunkin has definitely got their […]

Learning about the regional nuances of Colombian cuisine

For those who have had enough of beans and potatoes from the Andean cuisine, costeña food offers a reprieve with its interesting fusion of Caribbean presence (fish-bias) and Arabic influence (which includes falafel and aubergine-filled tamales!). The sweet and fluffy coconut rice and round, ball-shaped butifarra sausages certainly make an interesting change from plain rice and […]

What can you drink besides coffee in Colombia?!

The answer is an Aromatica! In a country of which its name is synonymous with coffee, it is hard to find an alternative hot drink. Coffee is so ubiquitous that it’s drunk everywhere, at any time of the day, in the form of a tinto, a black coffee. However, few people know that majority of the […]

Colombia’s indigenous people

er.. Yes.. I am cheating and posting something that I have written for a local newspaper here.. Well technically it still fits the bill – something about Colombia and something that I have written! This exhibition of the Muiscas gold offering objects is a fascinating view into the past of Colombia. It’s a pity that the […]

What happened to OneChineseInColombia?!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote! After such a long period of absence I have decided to come back with vengeance no matter what! I have said initially that the day I stop writing here is going to be the day I stop getting any cultural shock. Well quite the contrary is true […]