Monthly Archives: August 2016

No pain no gain baby!

   These are clips of a TV advertisement I recently saw, which rendered me absolutely speechless. I’m no social science expert so I hope I won’t be getting any attacks about how flawed my arguments are. I just want to share how I found it incredibly sad and unfortunate that these images seem to show such […]


I previously moaned about how flakey people are. (Now I’m starting to think that perhapsrather than being nationality-specific, it’s more a problem with the tech era in which we take advantage of having a cellphone to flake on someone just because something else more interesting has come up.) Recently I found myself bewildered by this term in a  group […]

Where to find sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the many false expectations I had before coming to Colombia. I had thought it would be abundant in the land of potatoes. According to the International Potato Centre (yea.. It exists..), ‘there are 4,000 varieties of potatoes in the Andean countries’, i.e. Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. I would think Colombia […]