Monthly Archives: December 2014

Earthquake in Bogota!?

I got a little lie-in on a Sunday a month ago. (Since we’re in Bogotá, with the usual waking hour at 5.30am, a lie-in means sleeping till 8am..) Just as I was putting on the kettle and sorting out the kitchen mess from the night before, my intercom rang. ‘Buenos dias.’ ‘fifjv nkdlvn htoeq rtiqrq […]

Alternative dining in Bogota

Klass is hidden behind Gran China, the ‘famous’ Chinese restaurant that everyone seems to know about, in vogue 20 years ago, but has since lost customers to Wok (I still haven’t been yet so don’t ask me whether it’s good). The ginormous Chinese façade dwarfs Klass’s unnamed little white house. The restaurant that is named after the chef has no […]

French patisserie now in Bogota!

27th Aug 2016: #OneChineseInColombia found that for some reason the quality of pastries has gone down. The plie au chocolate had less chocolate than before, not filled with custard cream anymore.. And the croissant aux amandes seems to have got more sugar to cover for the rather light-handed almond.. It’s sad that maybe they have had to cut down on […]

Yesica, nice to meet you!

  Non Bogotá residents may be surprised at the fact that such a picture merits a post, whereas Bogotá residents will know how it feels to have a miracle dawn on you when a Colombian spells your very ordinary foreign name right, and in my case, not ‘Yesica’. This miracle occured at Starbucks. However much I’m against big […]