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Colombian soup series – fish soup

It may look exactly like it’s been regurgitated from someone’s stomach but believe me it was good! What you see here is a fish soup with arepa con queso (with a mozzarella type cheese – the most popular and most widely eaten cheese here).  Fish is generally a minority on the Bogotá menu, considering that […]

Colombian soup series – Sancocho

Sancochos being served Another traditional Colombian soup recipe requires that families put in the soup pot everything they have in the fridge, making a sancocho. Easy, right? Literally translated as ‘mess’, the name was derived from the variety of ingredients of the soup, a mix of everything. It is commonly made in Colombia and South […]

Colombian soup series – Ajiaco

  Bogotá can be wet and gloomy, especially in the rainy season (which is 9 months of a year!). In a place where the weather compares with that in London, after a tiring commuting journey stuck in the traffic, there is nothing better than having a comforting bowl of soup. Ajiaco is the Colombian version of chicken soup. […]