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What’s the Colombian diet like?

I’ve been struggling to figure out a how and what to start writing again after 4 months of absence! I’ve been terrible at keeping up the blog due to a combination of work, fun and festivities! In fact, there are still so many things about Colombia to write about! So I decided I had to […]

Where to find sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the many false expectations I had before coming to Colombia. I had thought it would be abundant in the land of potatoes. According to the International Potato Centre (yea.. It exists..), ‘there are 4,000 varieties of potatoes in the Andean countries’, i.e. Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. I would think Colombia […]

Papaya’s small cousin

Blessed with so many exotic fruits, Colombians go for the obvious option – cook their fruits to preserve them and turn them into pickled deserts. So you have cooked figs eaten with arequipe, cooked guava, and then recently, I came across cooked papayuela. It’s delicious – a chewy texture and a fragrant flavour. While savouring it, I found myself like some […]

Sweaty Food??!!!

The other day my lovely helper Milena inspired me to write this post. I was teaching her how to cook spiced red cabbage, an English dish, that means cooking red cabbage with onion, garlic, green (cooking) apples, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. By the time I finished going through the unlikely combination of ingredients, she was […]

Colombians’ Love Affair with Sauces

My dear friend took me to this special empanada place which I must admit has quite good empanadas! Their empanadas are oven-baked with gourmet fillings e.g. chorizo and ricotta, rather different from your regular potato-stuffed corn-skin empanadas. Well, the real point I wish to make is, Colombians, at least those in Bogotá, love their sauces […]

I am Colombian. I heart Cheese.

When I hear the word cheese, I conjure up images of friends smiling at the camera for a photo opp, or more likely than the former, a cheese board of camembert, comté and roquefort with a bottle (it’s always debatable whether it’s red or white, isn’t it?). French-ness and cheese just seem to be a couple made in heaven that lives happily ever after. Well it […]

Colombia’s first Nikkei!

  Toshiro Konishi, a Japanese chef who has been working in Peru for the last 30 years after studying in the same restaurant as Nobu in Japan, has just opened his new venture in Bogotá in collaboration with La Fragata! Toshiro (no website yet) serves up Nikkei delicacies, or, ‘Peruvian Japanese’ dishes. So think cebiche and flamed sushi with Philadelphia. […]