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Colombia’s roses

Did you know that Colombia is the second biggest exporter of cut flowers in the world?! Yea I bet you didn’t. I don’t blame you since Colombia usually just gets the bad rap.. In fact, the export value of roses is almost as big as coffee’s! The roses above are from Don Eloy, who somehow manages to sell […]

I am Colombian. I heart Cheese.

When I hear the word cheese, I conjure up images of friends smiling at the camera for a photo opp, or more likely than the former, a cheese board of camembert, comté and roquefort with a bottle (it’s always debatable whether it’s red or white, isn’t it?). French-ness and cheese just seem to be a couple made in heaven that lives happily ever after. Well it […]

How to arrange to meet in Colombia

Example I Me: ‘We should meet next week for lunch.’ Friend: ‘Great!’ M: When?!’ F: ‘Text me!’ M: ‘Let’s decide now.’ F: ‘I’ll call you!’ Well, that’s a no then..   Example II F: ‘Let’s have coffee this Friday!’ M: ‘Ok great!’ Comes Friday.. M: ‘What time are we gonna meet?’ F: ‘Oh, I’ve been trying […]