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Bogotano Politeness

Talking about politeness, perhaps kids should come to Bogotá to learn their manners. They will definitely have a very fruitful journey. I can say Colombia is one of the most polite countries that I have ever been to, if the judgement is based on their propensity to say hi to strangers.. Wherever you go, strangers […]

Say ‘Hi’ in Bogota

The Bogotano ‘hello’ comes in many versions: ‘Cómo estás?’ ‘Qué tal?’ ‘Cómo te va?’ ‘Cómo le ha ido?’ ‘Qué has hecho?’ ‘Qué más?’ ‘Qué me cuentas?’ ‘Qué pasó?’ They all mean ‘hi, how are you?’ Well, actually the fact that Colombians have many ways to say hi doesn’t distinguish them from other nationalities. The weird part is how these […]

No TV in the living room *shocked face*

One of the first few things I noticed when I set foot in this country is that there’s no TV in the living room! To some of you this may not be surprising, but to a Chinese, this is rather odd..! You will find just a sofa, a fireplace and a coffee table in the Bogotano […]

Croissants & baguettes in Bogota

  I’ve mentioned previously that bread in Bogotá tends to be sweet, fluffy and soft, a bit like brioche, and even the brown bread often lacks assertiveness. The hojaldres (puff pastry) family is widely consumed, such as chicken/beef puff pastry, or Hawaiano (pastry filled with guava jam, cheese and pineapple). The problem is, the supposedly buttery pastries generally don’t taste quite the same here, nor […]

Colombians’ Love Affair with Sauces

My dear friend took me to this special empanada place which I must admit has quite good empanadas! Their empanadas are oven-baked with gourmet fillings e.g. chorizo and ricotta, rather different from your regular potato-stuffed corn-skin empanadas. Well, the real point I wish to make is, Colombians, at least those in Bogotá, love their sauces […]

Buy, buy buy and EAT, EAT, and EAT!!

Those of you who have read my story in ‘Was Gabo an Irishman?‘ would know that Bogotá (can’t speak for other rural areas which admittedly and sadly are much much poorer than the capital), like other developing countries’ cities, is enjoying a rising middle class and growing wealth. (Although, of course, this is hotly debated among various […]