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Bogotá Go-kart Taxis

It’s an impressive journey to take a ride on the taxis in Bogotá. On top of the need to stay constantly alert in case you need to jump out of the vehicle any time, before the muggers can get to you, you also need to put up with the constant thrusting that the driver is […]

The Million Dollar Ride

The infamous paseo millonario haunts Bogotá’s residents every day. Riding on one of the taxis in the city equals taking a risk of getting killed. You get unlucky. You flag down a taxi on the road, a taxi that unfortunately conspires with the triads. Everything appears to be normal until suddenly you realise that you’re […]


Colombians have an extraordinary ability to dance. They can twirl their hips in a profound fashion, as if they have been electrified, flex their torsos like a snake, and shake their shoulders as if they haven’t got collar bones. I have personally attempted a Mapalé at the carnival. Mapalé is a Colombian dance style with […]

Club Colombia

The famous Club Colombia is owned by Harry Sasson, the chef who is often perceived as the Pierre Gagnaire or Gordon Ramsay of Colombia. He has several other restaurants bearing his name, offering an international palate with European influence. Club Colombia is the epitome of traditional Colombian cuisine. It’s the institute where you can savor […]


When you travel to a city there is always a ‘must-do’ list. In Bogotá, one of the must-do items is having breakfast at the La Puerta Falsa. When there is a must-do list of course there is also a must-eat list. Breakfast in Colombia means only a few things, calentado, tamales, or arepas.. And the must-eat breakfast item in […]

New Logo

It is a misfortune that Colombia have in the past been engrossed with the violence and illegal drug problems within the country, which have taken up all her attention. As a by-product, Colombia has been branded – a dangerous place, and  has isolated herself. Now she’s catching up, the peace talks are under way to finally clean […]

Monkey House

So on Tuesday there was a football game, and I wanted to be nice so I said to Mario, ‘We can do whatever you want.’ So, he took me to a place where there would be beer and TV screens, the Monkey House. It’s a pub that has all sorts of beer that you can […]

Cultural difference demonstrated by Les Misérables

Les Misérables finally arrived in Colombia last Friday. I have been waiting for it for three months since it premiered in December in America. It was very exciting and extremely gratifying to see the musical scenes unveil on the screen, after having seen musical 3 times previously and growing up with the soundtrack. It was […]

The Holy Grail of Chinese ingredients in Bogotá II

Since I was not going to buy a barrel of 15 kg soy sauce from the Chinese wholesale supplier, I had to resort to the retail packaging from a normal vendor. Exito is one of the two biggest supermarket chains (actually they belong to the same group – Grupo system!- so the supermarket sector in […]

The Holy Grail of Chinese ingredients in Bogotá

Being ‘One Chinese In Colombia’, of course I have to be held responsible for my ethnicity and spread  my culture! So, at the biggest Chinese event of the year, Chinese New Year, I HAD to celebrate it! What’s a better way to have a Chinese culture education than to make a Chinese dinner, with food […]