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Croissants & baguettes in Bogota

  I’ve mentioned previously that bread in Bogotá tends to be sweet, fluffy and soft, a bit like brioche, and even the brown bread often lacks assertiveness. The hojaldres (puff pastry) family is widely consumed, such as chicken/beef puff pastry, or Hawaiano (pastry filled with guava jam, cheese and pineapple). The problem is, the supposedly buttery pastries generally don’t taste quite the same here, nor […]

Alternative dining in Bogota

Klass is hidden behind Gran China, the ‘famous’ Chinese restaurant that everyone seems to know about, in vogue 20 years ago, but has since lost customers to Wok (I still haven’t been yet so don’t ask me whether it’s good). The ginormous Chinese façade dwarfs Klass’s unnamed little white house. The restaurant that is named after the chef has no […]

‘real’ Bread in Bogota

I apologise for doing a bit of advertising here, it’s just that good things should be known by all. Foreigners in Bogota may agree that bread here tends to verge towards the sweet side.. I was lucky to have found proper bread from Maxli. It’s simply the best in the city in terms of value, nutrients and quality. […]

Where to find Argentine goodies in Bogota?

There has been a phenomenon in Bogotá recently. (Well, perhaps not so recently and not only in Bogotá, but something that has only recently come to my awareness.) Argentines are following the footsteps of Venezuelans, flooding into Colombia. So, thanks to Kirchner, it’s now easy to get Argentine goodies such as their own empanadas (not like the Colombian […]


Colombian bread snacks really exemplifies ‘same same, but different’. Pandebono is very similar to pan de yuca in terms of both texture and flavor. Once I have asked my Colombian comrade, ‘So what’s the difference between the two? If I can’t understand the difference I won’t be able to explain to others!’ Although both pan de yuca […]

Colombian bread snack series – Pan de yuca

Bakery products is one of the tastiest things available in Colombia (that is, at least, in my opinion)!! I have written about almojábanas and empanadas before, but there are still so many more. As its name suggests – it’s the ‘bread of yuca’. Yuca is actually cassava, a native root vegetable, that’s comparable to potato […]


The best!!!!!!! This has successfully got to my ‘favourite list’. It’s like a, er, it’s like a doughball (not the ones you get from Pizza Express. WAYYY better.. And much bigger, maybe 3 times bigger..) It is made by rolling cheese into the dough, so it’s cheesy and chewy. Consumed as a snack. It may […]