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Do you know what it means to be in Bogota when you need to go somewhere and it’s raining, especially between 4-8 pm on a weekday, worse still on a Friday? It means you’re grounded. If you need to go from one place to another out of reach by any form of public transport (well, not an awful lot of […]

The Million Dollar Ride

The infamous paseo millonario haunts Bogotá’s residents every day. Riding on one of the taxis in the city equals taking a risk of getting killed. You get unlucky. You flag down a taxi on the road, a taxi that unfortunately conspires with the triads. Everything appears to be normal until suddenly you realise that you’re […]

Colombian terrorists

Many of you may have heard of the FARC – the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. For those who haven’t, they are the biggest guerrilla group that is made up of a bunch of 9,000 rural peasants who have terrorised Colombia in the past 50 years. Their Marxist hatred of bourgeois is their excuse for their prolonged […]