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How to do a roadtrip from Bogotá to Popayán

#OneChineseInColombia survived a 14-hour road trip from Bogotá to Popayán, crossing the provinces of Cundinamarca, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Valle de Cauca, and Cauca. Saw terrains from coffee farms to sugarcane plantations. Climate from tropical lush forests to paramo. Actually the traffic wasn’t too bad. Tips? Set off at 4.30am to avoid traffic on ‘La Ochenta’. […]

Best cafe in Bogotá

  I’m biased. I’ve been drinking Cafe Cultor for 2 years (on and off). No word is needed. Simply the best. It’s a small business that sources directly from coffee farmers. It’s the best coffee and café in Bogotá. The baristas are great. There used to be Sebastina and Moesis although they’ve moved on to […]

World Cup in Colombia

Today, Colombia plays their first game in the World Cup after 16 years of absence, against Greece!! Colombia has been leaping into a state of frenzy in the last months and especially this Thursday when the World Cup kicked off! On World Cup’s first day, Bogotá’s electricity supplier Codensa decided to ask their employees to […]