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Bogota Nightlife – ‘Bus party’

I guess every city has its own party vehicle.. You have the trams in Hong Kong, the red buses in London, and the Chivas in Bogota. While at Usaquen (something similar to a Soho in HK) feeding on cerviches and tiradito (Peruvian sashimis), with neighbours like Gerardo Bedoya (Colombian footballer), this ‘limousine’ got stuck in the traffic and stopped […]

Small but dangerous..

One of the most common crimes in the city is knife-point mugging, so you DON’T walk around talking on your cell (especially if it’s an iphone 5!!) So the street aesthetics are quite different from those of HK, where you get into the danger of bumping into people when they are all looking down at […]


Every now and then you would hear horses trotting outside on the streets. (¡¡¡??) Yes, they still use horses here.. And yes, you have horses on highway competing with you for a lane in the middle of traffic jam. Imagine that. That’s worse than being on a London road when the black cabs, double-deckers and cyclists all come together! […]

Back to basics

A surrealist testament of progress in Bogota.. Here you have an old man transporting logs, walking in one of the most respectable residential areas (Rosales) in Bogota, where million dollar flats are found. He’s walking on a well-paved road (rarity here, as mentioned in my other post) in front of a charming residential building where […]

The Colombian Way

The other day I was speed drying Mario’s jumper by hanging the jumper under the sun on the curtain rail of the window of my room. The next thing I knew, the jumper disappeared. And then Mario’s mom came to me and asked me to follow her to her bedroom. Then she showed me the […]

Freaking Plastics!!!

It seems that the American culture is quite prevalent here.. It is common to get American TV. It is scary how American colonialism eats into countries through television. The first time I witness the shocking social phenomenon on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels was in Austria.. And then I came across Bridal Plasty in […]

The Guayaba generation

This is the juice of guava. Alongside Curuba (with coverage in another article), guava is one of the cheapest fruits in Colombia. Yes, oranges are not actually the cheapest here despite the abundance of them! Unlike the guavas in Asia, the ones here are pink, not green.. Guava used to be so cheap that it used to […]

Duquesa de Alba..

I am starting to converse a little in español and guess what – the first interesting conversation in Spanish that I had was about the Duchess of Alba! This woman is legendary and what’s interesting is that the Spanish-speaking countries in South American seems to follow news qin Spain quite closely. So the story goes, Mario’s […]


A lot of my colleagues in HK gave me the impression that they think Colombia = Ethiopia, or some deprived African developing countries that suffer from mal-nutrition. Well you will be pleased to know that I am actually excessively nourished! Lunch is different everyday, something that I didn’t realize was possible? I am more used […]

A Colombian Lunch

  I don’t know if this is ‘traditional’, all I know is that this is consumed in the Nigrinis family. Lunch is the main meal of the day, served at 12.45 (always, OCD traits that contributed to Mario’s habits).. It’s comprised of a fruit salad (usually with papaya, mango, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes), a vege […]