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What’s Colombia?

  Colombia is Coffee with capital C! Up the Nevados, take a Colombian coffee, visit the coffee plantations, live the adventure of the coffee Park. The New York Times called the Coffee Triangle, in its February 12, 2006 issue, as one of the most attractive places in the world. Colombia is nature, flora and fauna. […]

Your favourite country in Latin America?!

‘Colombia has so much to offer – the best coffee in the world, cuisine that takes carbo-loading to the next level, weird looking yet tasty fruits you can’t find anywhere else, magnificent handicrafts from different indigenous groups, a Caribbean coast with the vibrantly colored colonial (and party) town Cartagena, Cafe Havana, breathtaking (literally) landscape 4000m […]

OneChineseInColombia’s version of Cartagena

Cartagena is very much exhaustively written about so I’m not planning to repeat anything that’s already been covered. Rather, it’s more like what I liked in particular when I went earlier this year. I seem to have been a bit of a late starter. When I went two and a half years ago I really didn’t […]

An insider’s guide to Bogota’s beasty market

Located at the Southern end of Bogota, Paloquemao is THE one stop ‘superstore’ for small restaurant owners’ weekly visits and individuals’ monthly shopping. It’s a huge and hustling market that’s as big as a football stadium offering literally EVERYTHING: meat, veggies, diary etc. Bogotanos have a love and hate relationship with Paloquemao. Driven by a class-conscious psyche, the citydwellers’ choice of restaurants, grocers and […]

A foreigner’s impression of Medellín

Indeed, the world cup has been the culprit for my absence. Colombia has been overwhelmed by football in recent months. My first post upon returning is actually going to be my first guest writer’s! Gloria is a landscape architect who currently works in New York. She is one of the few foreigners who spells ‘Colombia’ correctly. […]

A forest & a criminal – Rio Claro

Back in June, for the first time, ONE Chinese ventured into Antioquia where the second biggest city in Colombia, Medellin, is found. If you tell a Colombian about the Rio Claro of Antioquia (there’s another river of the same name in Brazil), it’s likely that they’ll tell you they’ve never heard of the natural reserve. Given that the untouched little gem holds […]

I got my share eventually..

Perhaps it was bad luck; or perhaps it’s just the standard experience that everyone has to have in Bogotá. Yes, I got mugged, after 8 months of immunity. It’s a testimony to all those who have criticised me for being ‘uptight, exaggerating, scaremongering’ whatever name you want to brand it. Well, you can never be […]

Rustic Beauty

The impressionist landscape that looks like what Pissarro would have painted is a three-hour drive away from Bogotá. It is one of the most intact colonial villages of Colombia. Villa de Leyva a dramatic setting lying on the edge of a mountain range. The hilly lush landscape of rich greens, red roofs and bright blue […]

Colombian art treasures

A typical La Candelaria colonial architecture – always with a courtyard The new part of the museum complex The small scale museum houses mostly artists from Colombia, and foreign artists who have made major contributions to the Colombian art scene. It takes you through the Colombian history of art from the 18th century to the […]

La Candelaria, the colonial historical centre in Bogota

Miss Bogotá

Inglesia de La Candelaria All that I had seen in Bogotá previously had been the homogenous rectangular blocks of 7-storey brick buildings, office and residential alike. The La Candelaria visit the other day was such a surprise! The old town in the South of Bogotá is the centre of tourist, legal and public activities, where […]