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Is Colombia safe?!

This is indeed the million-dollar question! Many people I know from abroad have asked me this very question when they learn about where I live nowadays. I can’t blame them, since Colombia has been most famous for its high quality cocaine, violence, and, at most, coffee. Nowadays, maybe football. To be honest, I wanna say […]

Cattle farming in bygone Colombia

The following conversation was held with a 50+ year-old Colombian man. (I’ve kept the original lines of the Colombian with minimum editing for maximum authenticity) Me: So what’s your plan for the Christmas holidays? Colombian: I may go to Villavicencio. (VV is a very popular place for Bogotanos to take a dip in the pool […]

Colombian euphemism

6 years ago, Johnson, the column on language from The Economist published an article on how the Dutch understand the British, whose obscure euphemism could be hard to decipher for a foreigner. Having lived in Colombia for 5 years now, I thought I would celebrate my residency’s birthday (3 days ago!!!) by writing the Colombian […]

What’s Colombia?

  Colombia is Coffee with capital C! Up the Nevados, take a Colombian coffee, visit the coffee plantations, live the adventure of the coffee Park. The New York Times called the Coffee Triangle, in its February 12, 2006 issue, as one of the most attractive places in the world. Colombia is nature, flora and fauna. […]

Tour Packages

#OneChineseInColombia is proud to have designed a super holiday package for those of you who want fuss-free travel! It’s very exciting! Get USD 125 off for this trip by filling in your details below! 下載金三角13日行程單張(PDF)  

Why should you visit Colombia now? III

So.. 2 years ago (can’t believe it’s been 2 years) I wrote about why you should come to Colombia NOW. At that time I talked about the dirt cheap currency and the el niño amazingly hot and dry climate. This year there’s yet another reason for coming! Colombia came second on the Best In Travel […]

How big is Colombia?

That’s something that surprised me when I first came! Colombia is really big! Well, maybe not as big as China, or Brazil, but it’s as big as France, Spain and Portugal combined! It’s more than 4 times than the UK! So, Colombia is BIG, with lots to SEE!! I guess I shouldn’t complain about how hard […]

Where to have an air-conditioned break in Cartagena

An insider guide to Cartagena certainly can’t exist without tips on how to survive the brutal heat! So the key is knowing about the nice quiet cafes where they don’t try to get rid of you and there’s no pressure to move just because there are too many people waiting. On this trip I’ve discovered […]

How to do a roadtrip from Bogotá to Popayan

#OneChineseInColombia survived a 14-hour road trip from Bogotá to Popayán, crossing the provinces of Cundinamarca, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Valle de Cauca, and Cauca. Saw terrains from coffee farms to sugarcane plantations. Climate from tropical lush forests to paramo. Actually the traffic wasn’t too bad. Tips? Set off at 4.30am to avoid traffic on ‘La Ochenta’. […]

Is Hong Kong in Japan?

This happened before I went away. I called my bank to tell them I was traveling so they wouldn’t block my card.. Instead it seems I taught a geography crash course.. BANK: where will you be traveling to? ME: Hong Kong B: Which country would that be? Japan? M: No, Hong Kong. It’s a ‘country’ by itself. HK China […]