Monthly Archives: April 2013

Western desserts marry Colombian flavors :)

Dulce Mini Mal is all about innovation. The café dishes out divine cakes and tarts using ingredients that are typically representational of ‘Colombia’, championing ‘all-things-Colombian’. So instead of going to a patisserie expecting all the familiar options like Oreo cheesecake or chocolate gateaux, you will find a creative take on sweets, such as the guava […]

The infamous root vegetable

Yuca – the omnipresent root vegetable that lurks around every corner of Colombian menus, kitchens and dining tables. It’s an amazing vegetable that seems to be extremely versatile! You can eat it on its own, deep fried or boiled, use it as part of your soup as an alternative to potatoes to make it more filling, or […]

Passion fruit’s cousin..?

You might have already learned from my blog about the myriad of strange exotic fruits that Colombia has to offer. Sometimes it’s just plainly confusing! A granadilla looks very similar to the Colombian passion fruit, except that it’s orange and not yellow. As with many things in Colombia, when you ask a Colombian, ‘what’s the difference […]