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No, you won’t find the usual postcards for tourists

Dear fellow travellers, You might have already discovered this sad piece of truth – there is no postcard for sale in Bogotá. (Well I don’t know other places well enough to speak for them. The same thing may be true about the rest of Colombia.) Usually, a tourist destination like the Eiffel tower or Sydney […]

The Colombian Disneyland?

I wouldn’t be able to justify a blog about Colombia if I hadn’t written about Andres Carne de Res, the omnipresent institution that seems to have played a big part in defining the cityscape and consciousness of Bogotá. There is nothing quite like Andres, and writing about it may risk misrepresenting it. Filled with mismatching bits and bobs that […]

How to take a Bogotáno taxi

However uncomfortable and risk bearing it is to ride on Taxi in Bogota, sometimes it is more than necessary to do so. So in order to avoid succumbing to the overly limiting mobility while living in the demanding city, you can learn the tricks to make safer taxi journeys (though unfortunately it’s more difficult to make it pleasant […]

Cultural difference demonstrated by Les Misérables

Les Misérables finally arrived in Colombia last Friday. I have been waiting for it for three months since it premiered in December in America. It was very exciting and extremely gratifying to see the musical scenes unveil on the screen, after having seen musical 3 times previously and growing up with the soundtrack. It was […]


First of all, I shall apologise to my fervent Colombia supporters – this post is by no means Colombia-related. I just needed to write about this! You have the right to know about something that is so good! The only piece of news that I can stretch to Colombia is that the Colombian cinemas are […]

The journey to Bogotá’s hottest club!

Armando Record is the talk-of-town at the moment! The killer combination of a relaxed joint, constant reliable supply of good music and a happy crowd is sucking up all the party-goers in town! The interior: Cool tones, retro, geometrical shapes, idiosyncratic (or simply strange?) The crowd: Think arty-farty; moustached customers and DJs The music: Latino, indie, lounge, techno Random […]

Stuck up & non-existent service

It was a long-awaited date on a Saturday when we were looking forward to going to the legendary Gaira Cafe, the restaurant owned by the brother of the most revered singer in Colombia, Carlos Vives. Upon arrival, I got a little disoriented because the house looked like an ethnic hut transported directly from some tropical forests. It was densely covered by heavy vegetation […]


Every country has to have Irish immigrants and Colombia is no exception! And the pubs they (or the Irish pretending developers) open tend to be so successful that they often have a few branches. The Pub in Bogotá has 2 branches. I didn’t come across anyone with an Irish accent but the whole place was […]

I didn’t think this existed in Colombia!

2nd June 2016 update: Unforunately, like many other places in Bogotá, where the food and beverage business is highly competitive, Magnolio is now closed!  The beautiful house is still standing, now occupied by a Galician restaurant that is yet to open. Garden Area OK, those who think that I give excessive coverage on food please […]

Bogota Nightlife – ‘Bus party’

I guess every city has its own party vehicle.. You have the trams in Hong Kong, the red buses in London, and the Chivas in Bogota. While at Usaquen (something similar to a Soho in HK) feeding on cerviches and tiradito (Peruvian sashimis), with neighbours like Gerardo Bedoya (Colombian footballer), this ‘limousine’ got stuck in the traffic and stopped […]