Monthly Archives: August 2013

I got my share eventually..

Perhaps it was bad luck; or perhaps it’s just the standard experience that everyone has to have in Bogotá. Yes, I got mugged, after 8 months of immunity. It’s a testimony to all those who have criticised me for being ‘uptight, exaggerating, scaremongering’ whatever name you want to brand it. Well, you can never be […]

The neck-breaking ride

I’ve previously written about the busetas of Bogotá, the bad boy minibuses. Their aggressive tendency is like the killer high speed minibuses that have been coined flying coffins for sprinting through Hong Kong at 60 miles/hour. In Bogotá, fortunately, they can’t go at super speed (even though the drivers would certainly love to), because of […]

Yea! Holidays!

If you like holidays (who doesn’t!?), Colombia is THE place to be because it has the second largest number of national holidays in the world! Perhaps a big reason that’s brought Colombia ‘the happiest country in the world’ status. When you start asking why on earth this country has so many holidays, it gets very […]

Colombians favorite oat drink..

Oat drink, coined avena (oat) here, is a ubiquitous component in the daily Colombian diet. It’s drunk at breakfast, tea time, or as a sure fix for sudden peckishness any time during the day. Colombians love it. It may be one of the things (along with arepa) they’d miss for when they’re abroad. But it’s […]

Michelin Bogotá?

Note 26th June 2016: I recently found out that La Mina no longer exists. Out it went and in came an Asian restaurant. It’s true that Bogotá is full of overpriced restaurants with food that isn’t worth the buck (usually pricing is one notch higher than the food quality) and retarded service like slow and […]