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Bogotá chitchat topics

You may have already noticed that I talk a lot about transport, whether it’s good or bad. Well, the reality is, transport is a fundamental problem that affects the daily lives of Bogotános, which means that it has found its way to conversations with frequent presence. You’re going into a meeting with your clients, you […]


First of all, I shall apologise to my fervent Colombia supporters – this post is by no means Colombia-related. I just needed to write about this! You have the right to know about something that is so good! The only piece of news that I can stretch to Colombia is that the Colombian cinemas are […]

Dealing with the Language

As Bogotán life starts taking its toll, so does my Spanish. I can no longer rely on others to help with my daily life. Calling to make reservation starts to be tricky when all you hear on the other side of the phone is a kind of machine gun sound. You have rehearsed the lines […]