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Your favourite country in Latin America?!

‘Colombia has so much to offer – the best coffee in the world, cuisine that takes carbo-loading to the next level, weird looking yet tasty fruits you can’t find anywhere else, magnificent handicrafts from different indigenous groups, a Caribbean coast with the vibrantly colored colonial (and party) town Cartagena, Cafe Havana, breathtaking (literally) landscape 4000m […]

OneChineseInColombia’s version of Cartagena

Cartagena is very much exhaustively written about so I’m not planning to repeat anything that’s already been covered. Rather, it’s more like what I liked in particular when I went earlier this year. I seem to have been a bit of a late starter. When I went two and a half years ago I really didn’t […]

How to do Cocuy in Colombia

  Happy new year! Man, this is terrible! Seeing my last post reminds me that I haven’t posted anything for 4 months! The main reason is that OneChineseInColombia has been travelling quite a bit in Latin America. I only hope your holiday was as great as mine! I have found Bogotá rather hot since I got […]