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What’s the Colombian diet like?

I’ve been struggling to figure out a how and what to start writing again after 4 months of absence! I’ve been terrible at keeping up the blog due to a combination of work, fun and festivities! In fact, there are still so many things about Colombia to write about! So I decided I had to […]

Monster fruit! Curuba

I’ve covered a few different exotic fruits before. The variety of fruits here can be rather bemusing, especially when they are not commonly found elsewhere and many of their names in at least 4 syllables. There is granadilla, maracuya, guanabana and pitaya (perhaps the easiest to remember by far!).. Indeed, there are so many of them that going to the green […]

An insider’s guide to Bogota’s beasty market

Located at the Southern end of Bogota, Paloquemao is THE one stop ‘superstore’ for small restaurant owners’ weekly visits and individuals’ monthly shopping. It’s a huge and hustling market that’s as big as a football stadium offering literally EVERYTHING: meat, veggies, diary etc. Bogotanos have a love and hate relationship with Paloquemao. Driven by a class-conscious psyche, the citydwellers’ choice of restaurants, grocers and […]

The Colombian Disneyland?

I wouldn’t be able to justify a blog about Colombia if I hadn’t written about Andres Carne de Res, the omnipresent institution that seems to have played a big part in defining the cityscape and consciousness of Bogotá. There is nothing quite like Andres, and writing about it may risk misrepresenting it. Filled with mismatching bits and bobs that […]

Banana as main course

After a 4-month Colombian life, I have got accustomed to having at least half a banana on my main course plate, although most of the times, half a banana here is more like one whole banana elsewhere. From being a curious surprise at the beginning, something that had always been looked forward to, it’s now […]

The almighty but lethal deep fried piece of fat

The deep fried pork, skin on, with layers of fat and meat, is synonymous with gratification, joy, and indulgence. To be precise, the essence is in the skin. Without the skin it doesn’t get qualified to be called chicharrón. It has a determinedly solid status in the hearts of Colombians. The dish was propagated by the […]

Now, let’s take on some tasty intestines!

When the Colombians eat their lovely deep fried fat, they thought, ‘What would go best with that? Ok, let’s fry up some intestines to go with it!’ The plate of chopped up sizzling tubes may look grotesque. It may look more at home on the table of Adam’s Family than in a restaurant. But how […]

Club Colombia

The famous Club Colombia is owned by Harry Sasson, the chef who is often perceived as the Pierre Gagnaire or Gordon Ramsay of Colombia. He has several other restaurants bearing his name, offering an international palate with European influence. Club Colombia is the epitome of traditional Colombian cuisine. It’s the institute where you can savor […]

Tamal = 糉!!

I have found my 糉(Zong, or 粽 in simplified Chinese..) in Colombia! But, rather than sticky rice, salty egg yolk, fatty pork and mung beans wrapped in bamboo leaves, a tamal is cornmeal, carrots, boiled egg and chicken in banana leaves. It’s not really the same but it’s the closest that the country would ever come […]

The national drink

The Coca Cola of Colombia. I’m sorry if I have disappointed those who thought this was going to be an article about coffee.. The colour is not really your regular Fanta. It has an alluring glow-in-the-dark. How it managed to achieve that colour I do not wish to know. But the ingredient field says ‘artificial […]