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The bistro in Colombia that takes you to France

Amazing! Bandido is one of those restaurants that just make you feel so good upon entering the porch. Its effortless, light-hearted air spells friendliness, in stark contrast to those big brother French institutes that make you think about your every single move while eating. Nor is it trying to be one of those modern set-ups […]

Yeah! Baby hit me one more time!!!

After taking lessons on ‘how to get a taxi in Bogotá without getting blackmailed’, I was finally confident enough to get a taxi yesterday. On my own. I wasn’t planning to take a taxi but circumstances dictate that I had to go for the quickest option. You may be glad to know that I did […]

Now, what’s wrong with English names?!

Colombians always get puzzled when they found out that I have an English name.. After informing them that my name is Jessica, the response I get is always, ‘But this is an English name!’, or ‘Do you have Chinese names?’, and worse ‘er, so is this your “real” name?’. To them, it’s totally strange to have […]

Colombian soup series – Sancocho

Sancochos being served Another traditional Colombian soup recipe requires that families put in the soup pot everything they have in the fridge, making a sancocho. Easy, right? Literally translated as ‘mess’, the name was derived from the variety of ingredients of the soup, a mix of everything. It is commonly made in Colombia and South […]

Colombian soup series – Ajiaco

  Bogotá can be wet and gloomy, especially in the rainy season (which is 9 months of a year!). In a place where the weather compares with that in London, after a tiring commuting journey stuck in the traffic, there is nothing better than having a comforting bowl of soup. Ajiaco is the Colombian version of chicken soup. […]

Colombian fried rice

Calentado from Club Colombia by the famous Harry Sasson You may have already noticed from my previous food posts that Colombian cuisine is really starchy. Well, since a third of the country is covered by mountains, and with majority of the population living in the Andean range because of the economic inertia to live close to […]

Colombian work ethics

If Bogotános can represent their country, then Colombians work really hard. They work their asses off. It may be because they really need the money to send their children to private international schools, or it may just be pure survival. Working hours in the capital can be as long as twelve – by that I […]