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Sweaty Food??!!!

The other day my lovely helper Milena inspired me to write this post. I was teaching her how to cook spiced red cabbage, an English dish, that means cooking red cabbage with onion, garlic, green (cooking) apples, cloves, star anise and cinnamon. By the time I finished going through the unlikely combination of ingredients, she was […]

Venezuelan late night snack

Went straight for arepas the other day after a blasting night at Armando Records.La Areperia Venezolana is where everyone goes after a night out on Calle 85 (‘Street 85’, yes, very imaginative). It was the London experience relived – to have the hang-over cure of a kebab on the way home from the club in […]


The reason for writing about arepa is that it embodies quintessentially what Colombian cuisine represents – filling, comforting and warming. Arepa is so commonly eaten in Colombia that its status can be compared to that of toasts in the UK! Arepa is consumed as breakfast, a snack, lunch and dinner. Put it simply it’s a […]