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Bogotá’s productivity issue?!

Yes! Today’s another public holiday in Colombia! To those who are curious, today is the holiday of The Three Kings for the catholics. As mentioned, we get so many Monday bank holidays that Colombians have stopped asking what the holiday’s for. With so many holidays you can imagine it’s hard to get any work done! There […]

Buy, buy buy and EAT, EAT, and EAT!!

Those of you who have read my story in ‘Was Gabo an Irishman?‘ would know that Bogotá (can’t speak for other rural areas which admittedly and sadly are much much poorer than the capital), like other developing countries’ cities, is enjoying a rising middle class and growing wealth. (Although, of course, this is hotly debated among various […]

Colombia’s roses

Did you know that Colombia is the second biggest exporter of cut flowers in the world?! Yea I bet you didn’t. I don’t blame you since Colombia usually just gets the bad rap.. In fact, the export value of roses is almost as big as coffee’s! The roses above are from Don Eloy, who somehow manages to sell […]

How can I send my postcard?

We were just talking about finding postcards for tourists. Let’s say you finally got yourself some dainty postcards, and you’ve set aside time to write them. Now, you need to post them. But how? There’s no postal service in Bogotá. Or, let me correct myself. There’s no efficient and reliable postal service here. The publicly run 472 will […]

What happened to OneChineseInColombia?!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote! After such a long period of absence I have decided to come back with vengeance no matter what! I have said initially that the day I stop writing here is going to be the day I stop getting any cultural shock. Well quite the contrary is true […]

The Holy Grail of Chinese ingredients in Bogotá II

Since I was not going to buy a barrel of 15 kg soy sauce from the Chinese wholesale supplier, I had to resort to the retail packaging from a normal vendor. Exito is one of the two biggest supermarket chains (actually they belong to the same group – Grupo system!- so the supermarket sector in […]

The Holy Grail of Chinese ingredients in Bogotá

Being ‘One Chinese In Colombia’, of course I have to be held responsible for my ethnicity and spread  my culture! So, at the biggest Chinese event of the year, Chinese New Year, I HAD to celebrate it! What’s a better way to have a Chinese culture education than to make a Chinese dinner, with food […]

The city of polarities

If you are a regular on this site, you may have already noticed that Bogotá is really extreme. There are potholes running across the whole width of roads that are in desperate of need maintenance, but restaurants like the above that are super stylish and near to perfect. World class museums live next to uncollected […]

Colombian shopping malls

Continues from article Colombian town planning – One may hope that rental arrangement at shopping malls would work better. Because shopping malls are Bogotános’ second homes, only the crème de la crème gets to live in these spaces. However, walking into a shopping mall is yet again puzzling. The shop layout just seems to be in […]

Colombian town planning

Well, to be more accurate, there is no town planning in Bogotá! Residential buildings are built right next to major roads that have 4-6 lanes. If you live in one of those buildings that would mean that you are living right above the busiest, noisiest and most chaotic streets in the city. Yet some of […]