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I previously moaned about how flakey people are. (Now I’m starting to think that perhapsrather than being nationality-specific, it’s more a problem with the tech era in which we take advantage of having a cellphone to flake on someone just because something else more interesting has come up.) Recently I found myself bewildered by this term in a  group […]

How to arrange to meet in Colombia II

It’s Friday and for sure many of you are making plans for the weekend, especially since it’s a bank holiday weekend (er..again!? Yea, we only just had one last weekend!! #ThisIsColombia. Remember Colombia is one of the countries in the world with the highest number of public holidays!?) While some of you are heading out for the night, […]

8 days and 15 days

Having been here for more than 3 years, I guess it’s only natural that I have become more desensitised than I was when I first got here so maybe I’m not picking up all the cultural and social nuances like eating cheese with ice-cream and what it really means when someone tells you they’re ‘on my way‘. So […]

A teeth-brushing nation

I’ve learnt that Colombians (or Bogotanos?) are obsessed with teeth hygiene. Or might it just be me who has under average oral hygiene? I don’t mind making a confession here on a private personal habit. I brush my teeth twice a day, and on special occasions, 3 times a day.. If I think about my experience from […]

Why is Colombia a developing country?

What we can see in the photo is the typical entourage of a politician here in Bogotá – 4 SUVs and 2 police bikes. (Actually it’d be great if someone can tell me why on earth they need so many SUVs. How does that enhance their personal safety while hiking up taxpayers’ burden? Colombia is already having enough of a problem […]

The Go-Home Syndrome

On several occasions I’ve come across this Go-Home! syndrome that I’ve realised to be unique to Colombians. Disclaimer up front – this is by no means statistical, but purely empirical. It’s just happening to me and foreigners around me, which makes me think it must have happened to other foreigners who have brought up anything about Colombia other than how much […]

What’s in the head of a Colombian?

Here is a quick (I tried to be brief at first but there are just so many nuances..) post about my experience plus my logic to explain the behaviours I have come across in Bogotá, which I hope would help ease any foreigners’ potential frustration when working with Bogotanos. Have you ever wondered why your emails never got […]

Bogotano Politeness

Talking about politeness, perhaps kids should come to Bogotá to learn their manners. They will definitely have a very fruitful journey. I can say Colombia is one of the most polite countries that I have ever been to, if the judgement is based on their propensity to say hi to strangers.. Wherever you go, strangers […]