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Bogotá’s art scene

Recently something really cool in Bogotá is making the city much more attractive and liveable than before. It totally took Bogotá up a few notches. The city that is commonly seen as having nothing interesting to do at weekends when most people who can afford it would flee to their country houses in search for some sweltering sun, or […]

The Arty Bogotá

This is a very important weekend in Bogotá! It’s the art weekend, which coincides with the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris and Frieze in London. The biggest show is, of course, ArtBo (Art Bogotá), held at the second exhibition hall of Corferias, housing over 65 galleries from predominantly the Americas, an individual artists’ show, […]

A Colombian art expert and the man behind Flora

See OneChineseInColombia’s recent contribution to The City Paper about Jose Roca, the Colombian Tate Modern curator speaks about Latin American art.

New Logo

It is a misfortune that Colombia have in the past been engrossed with the violence and illegal drug problems within the country, which have taken up all her attention. As a by-product, Colombia has been branded – a dangerous place, and  has isolated herself. Now she’s catching up, the peace talks are under way to finally clean […]


First of all, I shall apologise to my fervent Colombia supporters – this post is by no means Colombia-related. I just needed to write about this! You have the right to know about something that is so good! The only piece of news that I can stretch to Colombia is that the Colombian cinemas are […]

The Colombian Hero

Mandolin on a chair, 1957 Of course.. How can a blog about Colombia exist without mentioning Botero?! He’s the hero of the country because he’s pretty much the only Colombian artist that is known internationally. But his style didn’t exactly make contribution to the stylistic development the history of art.. His paintings don’t even have […]

Colombian art treasures

A typical La Candelaria colonial architecture – always with a courtyard The new part of the museum complex The small scale museum houses mostly artists from Colombia, and foreign artists who have made major contributions to the Colombian art scene. It takes you through the Colombian history of art from the 18th century to the […]

Fine Art hits Colombia!

Going into the exhibition with the expectation that I would see a whole load of fine art bullshit, with reference to my bad Tillmans experience at the Serpentine in London 2 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at Bogotá’s success in taking flight to join the international art scene with her world-class exhibitions. Before going to […]

Colombia gets fashionable?!

Wayúu people and their bags, exhibiting at the Annual Exposition of Handicrafts Wayúu Bag on net-a-porter Can’t believe it. A Wayúu bag on net-a-porter?!!? I must develop some business opportunity real quick! The bag that is featured on net-a-porter, the leading luxurious fashion online retailer based in the UK, is made by the largest of the 80-100 […]