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How can I send my postcard? II

Previously I talked about the difficulty to get a simple souvenir many tourists usually resort to – the postcard. I thought, what a pity it was that a country with such color and biodiversity didn’t take advantage of stamps to show case their flora and fauna! I’m glad to say that upon my recent visit to […]

How to sing English songs the Colombian way

Followers of the blog’s Facebook page may know that I went to see Andrés López’s stand up show. It wasn’t super funny since I’m technically only half a Spanish speaker, but judging by the laughters he got from the audience he’s probably pretty funny. The show La Pelota de Letras apparently has been on for 10 years. […]

A teeth-brushing nation

I’ve learnt that Colombians (or Bogotanos?) are obsessed with teeth hygiene. Or might it just be me who has under average oral hygiene? I don’t mind making a confession here on a private personal habit. I brush my teeth twice a day, and on special occasions, 3 times a day.. If I think about my experience from […]

Why is Colombia a developing country?

What we can see in the photo is the typical entourage of a politician here in Bogotá – 4 SUVs and 2 police bikes. (Actually it’d be great if someone can tell me why on earth they need so many SUVs. How does that enhance their personal safety while hiking up taxpayers’ burden? Colombia is already having enough of a problem […]

Why should you visit Colombia NOW? II

In part I I explained why you should get your ass here in Colombia RIGHT NOW. The other reason is that Colombia is having amazing weather right now. I can’t speak for other parts of the country but as far as I understand, El Niño brings wet weather to countries on East Pacific – ie. Peru and Ecuador, […]

Why should you visit Colombia NOW?

Did you know that the Colombian peso has depreciated against the dollar by 40% within the last year? This is a BIG deal. In fact, the peso has been one of the (if not the) worst performing currencies in the world this year. It’s so bad that it’s got a lot of international attention. It’s […]