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Another reason to party

So, another year, another Halloween, except that every year Halloween craze just gets bigger and bigger. Last year, I had the chance to see how lively the streets gets, as everyone goes out for a bit of fun in their costume and makeup. However, I don’t seem to recall that people actually have Halloween parties at the offices! So […]

A foreigner’s impression of Medellín

Indeed, the world cup has been the culprit for my absence. Colombia has been overwhelmed by football in recent months. My first post upon returning is actually going to be my first guest writer’s! Gloria is a landscape architect who currently works in New York. She is one of the few foreigners who spells ‘Colombia’ correctly. […]

Predictability and punctuality permeate Bogotá

Weather here is very predictable but never dull. Temperature range remains constant throughout the whole year, always hovering between 8-10 and 19-22 every day. You get 4 seasons in a day. For the lazy ones – yes it’s great. You don’t ever need to change your wardrobe. The problem is that you need to bring your […]

Fridges in Colombia

Even the door space doesn’t get a break.. Freezer exploding with food that has been carefully stored for ‘freshness’ Perhaps this is to do with the habitual lack of resources in the past? Or perhaps this is not representative of Colombians.. Mario’s family likes to buy the whole back of cows and pigs, get it […]

I didn’t think this existed in Colombia!

2nd June 2016 update: Unforunately, like many other places in Bogotá, where the food and beverage business is highly competitive, Magnolio is now closed!  The beautiful house is still standing, now occupied by a Galician restaurant that is yet to open. Garden Area OK, those who think that I give excessive coverage on food please […]

Bogota Nightlife – ‘Bus party’

I guess every city has its own party vehicle.. You have the trams in Hong Kong, the red buses in London, and the Chivas in Bogota. While at Usaquen (something similar to a Soho in HK) feeding on cerviches and tiradito (Peruvian sashimis), with neighbours like Gerardo Bedoya (Colombian footballer), this ‘limousine’ got stuck in the traffic and stopped […]


Every now and then you would hear horses trotting outside on the streets. (¡¡¡??) Yes, they still use horses here.. And yes, you have horses on highway competing with you for a lane in the middle of traffic jam. Imagine that. That’s worse than being on a London road when the black cabs, double-deckers and cyclists all come together! […]

Back to basics

A surrealist testament of progress in Bogota.. Here you have an old man transporting logs, walking in one of the most respectable residential areas (Rosales) in Bogota, where million dollar flats are found. He’s walking on a well-paved road (rarity here, as mentioned in my other post) in front of a charming residential building where […]

The Colombian Way

The other day I was speed drying Mario’s jumper by hanging the jumper under the sun on the curtain rail of the window of my room. The next thing I knew, the jumper disappeared. And then Mario’s mom came to me and asked me to follow her to her bedroom. Then she showed me the […]

Freaking Plastics!!!

It seems that the American culture is quite prevalent here.. It is common to get American TV. It is scary how American colonialism eats into countries through television. The first time I witness the shocking social phenomenon on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels was in Austria.. And then I came across Bridal Plasty in […]