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The Best cheesecakes in Bogotá..

  are probably from Myriam Camhi, just because of their sheer resemblance to the real thing (American style, of course) and the wide range of renditions. Myriam Camhi is also an overall winner for cakes because you know you’ll get plenty of options. The only problem is not knowing which one to pick! Apart from cheesecakes, you can choose from the mind-boggling […]

Amarti-The master of Colombian service

Unsatisfactory service quality is ubiquitous in Bogotá, but since customers don’t complain or have any better choice, restaurants continue to indulge in their spoiled ways. The first time I tested my luck with Café Amarti, a popular restaurant at the North East corner of the Usaquén square, was on a Saturday, at 1pm. I went […]