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Is Hong Kong in Japan?

This happened before I went away. I called my bank to tell them I was traveling so they wouldn’t block my card.. Instead it seems I taught a geography crash course.. BANK: where will you be traveling to? ME: Hong Kong B: Which country would that be? Japan? M: No, Hong Kong. It’s a ‘country’ by itself. HK China […]

Happy go lucky Colombians

The other night I witnessed an incident when it was pouring outside. I have mentioned before that when it rains here, it’s a downpour. A buseta was just pulling over. Some passengers were trying to get off. There was a puddle right in front of the buseta’s exit doors. A few girls came off the minibus. But for […]

Wu Gui in Colombia

Having been in the desert of Chinese species for 1.5 months, figured that I should start looking for one of my kind. The plan was to go to the ‘Centro Cultural Colombo-Chino’ to find out about other Chinese in the city, what’s going on and the channel through which I can ‘reach out’.. So as […]

Dealing with the Language

As Bogotán life starts taking its toll, so does my Spanish. I can no longer rely on others to help with my daily life. Calling to make reservation starts to be tricky when all you hear on the other side of the phone is a kind of machine gun sound. You have rehearsed the lines […]

The Colombian Way

The other day I was speed drying Mario’s jumper by hanging the jumper under the sun on the curtain rail of the window of my room. The next thing I knew, the jumper disappeared. And then Mario’s mom came to me and asked me to follow her to her bedroom. Then she showed me the […]

The Colombian Mario

What you see here is the art of the homely Mario, a version of Mario that cannot be known to people in HK. Sorry I am exposing him here. But guys – be ready for this. Mario made this bed! The quality of the made-bed is of 5-stars hotels’ housekeeping standards..! Also because of me […]