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Phone ringing.. ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m coming.’ *Did I ask what you were doing?*   ‘Where are you?’ ‘Around Calle 85’ *But where? By the way the 85th is 1 km long*   Calling again.. ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m coming to get the keys!’ *AGAIN?*   ‘WHERE are you??!’ ‘I’m at Calle 95!’ *AGAIN?*   In […]

Another reason to party

So, another year, another Halloween, except that every year Halloween craze just gets bigger and bigger. Last year, I had the chance to see how lively the streets gets, as everyone goes out for a bit of fun in their costume and makeup. However, I don’t seem to recall that people actually have Halloween parties at the offices! So […]

Now, what’s wrong with English names?!

Colombians always get puzzled when they found out that I have an English name.. After informing them that my name is Jessica, the response I get is always, ‘But this is an English name!’, or ‘Do you have Chinese names?’, and worse ‘er, so is this your “real” name?’. To them, it’s totally strange to have […]

Colombian New Year’s Eve

It was a Christmas Eve repeat. Like a sequel to any mega blockbuster (Batman perhaps an exception), like your Matrix or Alien, always comes with high expectation and an equal dose of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong it was totally heartfelt warming to be with the family. I guess I might have enjoyed it more if […]

Christmas Gathering in a Garage

Since Christmas is such a big deal here, we started celebrating 2 weeks ago. (The truth was because Mario’s sister wouldn’t be here for Christmas so we had to celebrate in advance.) We were invited to her house for dinner. She said it was a tradition to gather family and friends around for a simple […]

Wu Gui in Colombia

Having been in the desert of Chinese species for 1.5 months, figured that I should start looking for one of my kind. The plan was to go to the ‘Centro Cultural Colombo-Chino’ to find out about other Chinese in the city, what’s going on and the channel through which I can ‘reach out’.. So as […]

Colombian efficiencies

La Hamburgueseria – one of the 2 leaders in the burger market Having my self-indulgent moment (or rather, self-destructive tendency) the other day, I craved for a juicy, meaty, fulfilling and ‘soul-warming’ burger. Instead of El Corral, the most popular burger brand in Colombia (it has a myriad of retail brands including ‘gourmet’, an American-style diner, […]

Colombiano Fools’ball

The sight of ecstatic fans after their team has won, taken outside the window of my flat. Deafening honks lasted for 4 hours, between 8pm – 12am..  My ardent readers would recall that this is my second post on football. The sad reality is that Colombian life is dictated by complicated transport arrangement and football schedules. Sunday was […]

Colombia gets fashionable?!

Wayúu people and their bags, exhibiting at the Annual Exposition of Handicrafts Wayúu Bag on net-a-porter Can’t believe it. A Wayúu bag on net-a-porter?!!? I must develop some business opportunity real quick! The bag that is featured on net-a-porter, the leading luxurious fashion online retailer based in the UK, is made by the largest of the 80-100 […]