Monthly Archives: December 2012

Colombian Routines

Your life is governed by pico y placa.. Because of real bad traffic jams the government has an initiative to control the number of cars on the road. Cars with number plates that end with odd numbers are not allowed to drive on the odd number dates, and the same for the even number plates […]

The City of Absence

A typical 6-lane (or a 2-lane?) highway Some things are deemed to be fundamental to a city so that it would run smoothly. As city dwellers, we take things for granted. What you think should exist don’t always exist. You only realize the quiet, minute existence of such elements of the cityscape when they are missing […]

Colombian Driving style

If you asked me if it was difficult to get a licence in this country, I would say no, because there seems to be no decorum on the road! People are permanently driving on top of two lanes at any time.. Maybe that’s why some roads have unmarked traffic lanes because even if the roads […]

Bogotá turns into a landfill!

The result of a 1-week halt of the rubbish collection service What you see here is the result of the Bogotá mayor’s decision to ditch private companies (which used to be the status quo), and switch to using the Water Service Department instead for waste collection. It was all because of his leftist vision (rightly or […]

Bogotá Living Conditions

So, we have finally found a place to live!! (Still temporary, but no longer at the parents.) Now I find myself at odds with the Northern part of the city, in Parque 93, where there are more SUVs than motorcycles, more Louis Vuittons than Zaras, and more bars and clubs than I can possibly hope […]

Fine Art hits Colombia!

Going into the exhibition with the expectation that I would see a whole load of fine art bullshit, with reference to my bad Tillmans experience at the Serpentine in London 2 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at Bogotá’s success in taking flight to join the international art scene with her world-class exhibitions. Before going to […]

The celebration that forever keeps you waiting

Crazy bulbs in the shape of roses on the tree A Christmas train (cute.. but WHY?) Nativity scene (with light bulb) I would never have expected that I’d spend my Christmas sitting idle. How exciting. Christmas day was spent waiting. The whole family had been sitting around since 4pm, and no one seemed to be […]

Christmas Gathering in a Garage

Since Christmas is such a big deal here, we started celebrating 2 weeks ago. (The truth was because Mario’s sister wouldn’t be here for Christmas so we had to celebrate in advance.) We were invited to her house for dinner. She said it was a tradition to gather family and friends around for a simple […]

Wu Gui in Colombia

Having been in the desert of Chinese species for 1.5 months, figured that I should start looking for one of my kind. The plan was to go to the ‘Centro Cultural Colombo-Chino’ to find out about other Chinese in the city, what’s going on and the channel through which I can ‘reach out’.. So as […]

Colombia gets ready for Christmas!

Home-made Christmas socks for every single member in the family So it’s Christmas!!! As I’ve said before, Colombians are crazy about Christmas! At this time everything that is associated with Christmas is out from storage and gets displayed around the house.. Maybe it’s because it’s so warm here, people feel that they have to compensate […]