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Colombia’s political soap

  The Colombian presidential election is a funny thing You wonder how the five presidential candidates are going to get their votes here when there’re no debates. No rallies. No challengers. No interviews. No constructive discussions of policies. No concrete plans of how their political commitment can be achieved (well, with the exception of Enrique […]

When ‘On my way’ doesn’t mean on my way

Colombians’ time perception translated – for the benefit of newly arrived foreigners who are still acclimatising to the culture here. I’ve often been deceived (perhaps unintentionally, in their defence?) when meeting the locals, when the person I’m supposed to meet says ‘ya voy en camino’ (I’m already on my way). The expression actually means something really […]

The Best cheesecakes in Bogotá..

  are probably from Myriam Camhi, just because of their sheer resemblance to the real thing (American style, of course) and the wide range of renditions. Myriam Camhi is also an overall winner for cakes because you know you’ll get plenty of options. The only problem is not knowing which one to pick! Apart from cheesecakes, you can choose from the mind-boggling […]

How to say no in Bogotá

Foreigner: My dear, let’s go to the cinema! Bogotano: We’ll see.   Foreigner: Can we go to the supermarket to get some tea? Bogotano: Er..   Foreigner: It’s Sunday! Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day! Shall we go to La Candeleria and have tamales and go to the Museum of Central Bank? Bogotano: Let’s […]

Who the f is this?

Colombian phone calls The phone rings You pick up the phone, ‘hello.’ ‘Who am I speaking to?’ WTF? YOU called me, and you’re asking me ‘WHO I am???’ Is there something wrong with you?! This is quite a typical phone call that you will receive here. I’m yet to understand how this phone etiquette came into being. When […]

‘3-milk’ pudding!!!

  The other day I wrote about one of Bogotá’s most popular ‘not-quite-so-Colombian’ dessert. Today’s feature is the ‘3-milk’ dessert (tres leches). Tres leches is an important member of the myriad traditional desserts from Bogota that are mostly milk-based, either in the form of cheese, rice pudding or arequipe. Anyone who’s got a liking for creamy and moist desserts like custard, Eton mess or tiramisu would love this one. Tres leches is essentially […]