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Where to have an air-conditioned break in Cartagena

An insider guide to Cartagena certainly can’t exist without tips on how to survive the brutal heat! So the key is knowing about the nice quiet cafes where they don’t try to get rid of you and there’s no pressure to move just because there are too many people waiting. On this trip I’ve discovered […]

Papaya’s small cousin

Blessed with so many exotic fruits, Colombians go for the obvious option – cook their fruits to preserve them and turn them into pickled deserts. So you have cooked figs eaten with arequipe, cooked guava, and then recently, I came across cooked papayuela. It’s delicious – a chewy texture and a fragrant flavour. While savouring it, I found myself like some […]

Monster fruit! Curuba

I’ve covered a few different exotic fruits before. The variety of fruits here can be rather bemusing, especially when they are not commonly found elsewhere and many of their names in at least 4 syllables. There is granadilla, maracuya, guanabana and pitaya (perhaps the easiest to remember by far!).. Indeed, there are so many of them that going to the green […]

Passion fruit’s cousin..?

You might have already learned from my blog about the myriad of strange exotic fruits that Colombia has to offer. Sometimes it’s just plainly confusing! A granadilla looks very similar to the Colombian passion fruit, except that it’s orange and not yellow. As with many things in Colombia, when you ask a Colombian, ‘what’s the difference […]

Colombian dragon fruit

A good way of comprehending what this little monster is, is to think about a dragon fruit in half its usual size, with a yellow outfit and bigger seeds. In fact, the yellow and red dragon fruits are brothers. They share similar physical characteristics – the yellow one is also filled with white flesh and […]


This peculiar fruit is really strange and special. I can make a hell of a riddle out of it, one that emulates the one from Sphinx – what is purple when born, hairy when young, prickly when mature, and turns green inside when aged? Originally when I saw the orange fruit, it was when no […]

Colombian Custard Apple

Continuing with the ‘everything-is-bigger-in-Colombia’ series, this post features the king of all tropical fruits – guanábana. Its size simply astounds; its delicately sweet fragrant, mesmerises; its creamy texture, satisfies. Simply amazing. First time I saw the fruit, it was among the mountain of guanábana, on one of these fruit trucks that loom the streets. The […]

Passion fruit

I come from places where passion fruits are known to be black crinkly ping-pongs. So when I was first told that this yellow gargantua with immaculate smooth skin, maracuya, is passion fruit, of course my reaction was skepticism. Colombian passion fruits not only look more ‘attractive’ than the Australian ones, but also are bigger, at least double the size. […]

The Guayaba generation

This is the juice of guava. Alongside Curuba (with coverage in another article), guava is one of the cheapest fruits in Colombia. Yes, oranges are not actually the cheapest here despite the abundance of them! Unlike the guavas in Asia, the ones here are pink, not green.. Guava used to be so cheap that it used to […]


  This is ingenious. Plátano, or plantain in English, is like a banana that you normally get but multiply that by 4 times please. There you get a plátano, an all time favourite garnish on the Colombian dining table. The way patacón is made is that first of all you have to cut the plantain […]