Is Hong Kong in Japan?

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This happened before I went away. I called my bank to tell them I was traveling so they wouldn’t block my card.. Instead it seems I taught a geography crash course..

BANK: where will you be traveling to?

ME: Hong Kong

B: Which country would that be? Japan?

M: No, Hong Kong. It’s a ‘country’ by itself. HK China

B: Great. Where else?

M: Thailand

B: Thailand.. is that same as China?

(Still not sure if I really heard what he asked)

M: (trying to compose myself and hold off laughing) No it’s a different country. (Eh, maybe that’s why it’s got a different name?)

B: Ok I think I’ve found it. Anywhere else?

M: Vietnam

B: Ok.

(Right, finally things are looking up..)

M: And then Cambodia

B: Great. Is that spelt with a C or a K?

M: It’s spelt with a C

B: Is it in Africa?

(What?!?!?! 😰😰😱😱😂😂😅😅 At this point I couldn’t hold it any longer. I broke out into a hysteric laugh. There was a kind of comedic air to that misbegotten scene.. Anyway why did he have to know which continent they’re in?!? How would that serve the purpose?)

I’ve had lots of people who asked me if I spoke Japanese once they found out that I’m from HK. I have also gotten responses like ‘ok, so you’re from Japan’ after I told them I’m from HK. Or ‘Hong Kong is in Japan, right?’ Nothing close to this one though.. (Can some of my readers shed light on why Colombians think Hong Kong is a city in Japan? What ever happened here that led to that impression?!)

The truth is none of us knows anything when it comes to the other side of the world. In all fairness, I must admit that I didn’t know Colombia’s in the northern hemisphere before I came (only a small part in the south is below equator). Though I think at least I knew Honduras isn’t a city in Guatemala..

That absolutely made my day.


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