Every country has to have Irish immigrants and Colombia is no exception! And the pubs they (or the Irish pretending developers) open tend to be so successful that they often have a few branches. The Pub in Bogotá has 2 branches.

I didn’t come across anyone with an Irish accent but the whole place was filled with Gaelic and Ireland-related decorations. The best ones were found in the toilets. Quotes on the Irish people by the well-known names like Sigmund Freud adorn the walls to keep you busy while you wait for your turn. ‘The Irish are the only race who cannot be helped by psychoanalysis.’ (Why was he against the Irish!?) Jameson and Guinness are of course the stable options, accompanied by the famous tri-colour beers (a pilsner, a ‘red beer’ – more often referred to as an ale in the UK, and a dark beer), the standard choices in Bogotá pubs.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Actually Freud didn't say that, it was mentioned in a book written by someone else (the author of clockwise orange, apparently) – P was showing off his knowledge.. HF

  2. WOW, thanks HF for passing on the knowledge of P.. (but how the hell he knows that?!)
    P – you need to step up with your contribution to this blog, to human wisdom!

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