Plastic sausages

So the other day I decided to but a bit of ‘spice’ in my vegetarian diet pursuit. I made lentils and sausage soup. I bought some mini sausages from the supermarket, cut them up, and put them in the soup. They smelled normal, and everything was going in the right direction.

Mario came back, and started savoring the soup. He was about to eat a sausage when he stopped and started taking off the transparent skin around the sausage.

‘What are you doing?’
‘I am taking the plastic out of the sausage.’
‘That’s the skin of the sausage, it’s edible!’
‘No baby, this is plastic.’
‘No, this is the skin of sausage and it’s made from the pork intestine.’
‘No baby, you can’t eat this.’
‘I used to eat this all the time, all the sausages in Britain came like this.’
‘But this is different.’

I tried and it was really hard. So throughout the whole dinner we spent picking the ‘skin’ from the sausage and I felt so stupid.

‘Why did the sausage come with plastic?!’
‘This one does.’
‘So all the sausages in Colombia come with plastics?’

‘No, not all.’
‘So how am I supposed to know which one does and which one doesn’t?’


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    In Italy sausages are too wrapped in their host's intestine.

    Keep writing,


  2. exactly! at least the italians are part of the normal side of the world.. KEEP READING!

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