Bogotá Living Conditions

So, we have finally found a place to live!! (Still temporary, but no longer at the parents.) Now I find myself at odds with the Northern part of the city, in Parque 93, where there are more SUVs than motorcycles, more Louis Vuittons than Zaras, and more bars and clubs than I can possibly hope for. The good thing though is that I can now walk outside carrying my phone without worrying that I might not make it back home..

However, the trade-off is not small. Situated on top of somewhat like the ‘Oxford Street’ in London or Nathan Road in Hong Kong, where the road has 4 lanes, where cars honk like crazy with only the interlude of emergency vehicle sirens perhaps owned by those who wish to pretend to be the police to jump the traffic. And the neighbour seems to think that if he turned on Madonna’s Holiday louder he’d escape into his illusion of peace.

Fortunately, within these 2 weeks that started on Christmas, I can finally ‘rest in peace’ because half of the cars in Bogotá have left the city. That may not be surprising, given that almost every Bogotán hates the city so it’s all fright and flight when it comes such a big national holiday..

I can finally part with my earplugs and give my ears a nice break to breathe a little..


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  2. rosalina · · Reply

    ive been reading your blogs! everything sounds so interesting. would love to go there and visit! which sounds crazy to everyone in hk! -rosalina

    1. yes it is crazy!!! also you have to come to see it yourself!

  3. so u’re high class now but lots of noise…i prefer the lower class(happy people) then…

    1. yes. life is like that isn’t it? it’s full of contradictions and you can’t have the cake and eat it!

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