Bogotá’s new year

It’s quiet! That’s one thing for sure!
The city has become so breathtakingly surrealist! There is hardly anyone or any car on the streets! A 6-lane highway has perhaps 10 cars running at a time. I couldn’t stop wondering where all the people had fled! It’s incredible! On the first day of the year, all the shops were closed (some were closed until the 8th, god knows how the businesses survive here!); there were maybe 1-2 people around me on the streets. The city looks like a ghost town – all the shops, buildings and pavements are empty! A journey that usually takes 30 minutes is shrunk to just 10.. Compared to your usual Bogotá you just simply don’t recognize it! I am amazed at the number of people that have left the city.
If anyone has to come to Bogotá to enjoy going around the city, it has to be the first week of January. I thought the last week of December was heaven. But the now it is utopia (I’ll leave it to you to work out the difference)! The reason is that most people who choose to go on holiday would choose to go after Christmas so that they can spend time with the family at the most important festival of the year and also have enough days off and money to spend on their holiday.
Bliss. I love my silence.


  1. we say…what we do on the 1st happens for the whole year…

    1. argh.. we chinese say that the 3 yr old kid displays a personality that will stay the same till he’s 80!

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