Colombian town planning

Well, to be more accurate, there is no town planning in Bogotá! Residential buildings are built right next to major roads that have 4-6 lanes. If you live in one of those buildings that would mean that you are living right above the busiest, noisiest and most chaotic streets in the city. Yet some of these flats such as the ones on calle 94, or carrera 11 or carrera 7 are actually some of the most expensive flats in the country.. Who would want to live above a highway?

In general, the city has minimal zoning organization. Apartment blocks stand right next to offices. That neither maximizes the commercial use of a neighbourhood nor gives dwellers a suitable habitat.. The ground floor is not always occupied by retailers. And retailers don’t have to compete for the space that has been put to commercial use. Relevant and similar businesses do not exist side by side.. For some peculiar reason you would have a tiny drug store on the same street a few meters away from an Iranian carpet shop, and incomes of the two shops are probably 10 times apart (!?!?). There doesn’t seem to be a rent allocation or shop distribution system. Or rather, it’s a dysfunctional commercial rental market, because natural demand and supply forces that should simply determine prices do not work!


  1. interesting…rent prices?

    1. r u moving to Bogota?! ;p

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