The latest music obsession in Colombia!

Colombians love their music. In fact, it may be one of the main reasons behind their consistent top position on the world’s happiest countries list. Their love of music isn’t only confined to native talents. They listen to all sorts (er, perhaps not Chinese yet).

You already know from my previous post that PSY’s Gangnam Style has taken over the music scene. So has Flo rida’s Whistle! It gets played at least every hour on the radio. The latest Colombian obsession goes to a Brazilian, Gusttavo Lima. The young singer has managed to infiltrate the minds of millions with Balada (the 50 million youtube clicks is a good reason to check it out!). Collaborating with the hottest footballer Neymar of the time just makes him even more popular! Trust me you’ll love it (but be careful it’s addictive)!


  1. nigrikanz · · Reply

    The youtube link is not available for iPad 😦

    1. Sorry about this.. I will check the links and update new ones.. COME BACK! 😀

  2. whistle was also playing in clubs last year in napa

    1. Now it’s this one!‎
      Brasil & Colombia crossover 😉

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