Paranormal Activity in Bogotá..

You know they say that electronic equipment like phones and internet modems interfere with your brain waves and can cause irreversible damages? Well, I’m not a zealot but sometimes it’s better to be a believer than not, especially when you have nothing to lose.. I diligently switch off the internet router every night before going to bed because for some reason the radiating machine is strategically placed on the bedside table right next to my head. It’s actually a very strange place to have a router..

So, just as we started wondering if our next door flat lived any neighbor at all because it’s been so so quiet, I got a phone call from the operations coordinator who manages the flat rentals.

Strangely she asked, ‘Do you turn off the router?’ Gosh, how does she know??

‘The neighbour next door has complained that sometimes the internet doesn’t work.’

Now it all makes sense why the router is on the bedside table – so that it can be nearest to the next door flat! The short term accommodation company is cheap enough to use  one router for two (or more perhaps?) flats! Only in Colombia!

One comment

  1. that’s the way it should be, I remember when routers first came out, their wi-fi networks were never password protected it was a free for all. Then suddenly that was “dangerous” cyber thieves could hack into your network from a car outside and steal your identity, or worse… paedophiles!111 In the end I think it became illegal to run an unprotected wireless network, such was the power of the telecoms lobby.

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