French patisserie now in Bogota!


27th Aug 2016: #OneChineseInColombia found that for some reason the quality of pastries has gone down. The plie au chocolate had less chocolate than before, not filled with custard cream anymore.. And the croissant aux amandes seems to have got more sugar to cover for the rather light-handed almond.. It’s sad that maybe they have had to cut down on cost to make up the ‘loss’ from a depreciating peso.. That said, if you ask me where else, I think I would still pick Kayser. It’s still the best in the market, although you wouldn’t feel as great shelling out because it’s lost that AMAZING touch..

The 4th generation baker Eric Kayser is now in Bogotá! After conquering Asia, and building more than 20 branches in Japan alone, the chain follows Starbucks’s rapid (though still ongoing) expansion to open a branch in the promising city. As far as I know it’s the first and only foreign brand patisserie that operates in Colombia, competing head on with local attempts of the art with which the French identify themselves so highly. Curiously, it has chosen to station just a few blocks West of ‘pastry central’ in Calle 81, where MaxliMyriam Camhi and other bakeries are found.

The airy, bright bakery/restaurant exudes classiness (I’m particularly impressed by the wallpaper in the toilet, but that’s another discussion) and tranquility. Eric Kayser makes a point about its authenticity through retaining French on its menu and name tags, e.g. instead of croissant de almendras, you’ll fine croissant aux amandes.. The breakfast list is short so don’t expect your regular Crepes & Waffles abundance to adorn the menu. Go there for your baguette, pastries, and macaroons. I had a YUM ‘Plie au chocolat‘, a bigger version of chocolate croissant with custard cream. YUMMM. The ‘Kayser hot chocolate’ was also yum.

Calle 81 * 10


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