Watery milk soup – Not for the faint-hearted


Piping hot changua served in a rustic ceramic bowl from La Chamba, Tolima, is just what you need on grey chilly day in Bogotá


Indeed, just the look of the white frothy soup dish, changua, may be a shock to anyone.

Changua’s a prominent member on Bogotá’s breakfast menu. It makes up city’s psyche. Talk to any Bogotanos (most, anyway) about changua and it’s likely that they’ll give you a longing, happy look. It’s the ultimate comfort food of which status in Bogotano’s hearts cannot be under-estimated.

The sound of the recipe ingredients can freak away the most courageous, on the par with cheese and ice-cream. With milk, spring onion, coriander, floating soggy bread, melty mozzarella and a soft poached egg as you dig into the bottom, it tastes better than it sounds. A must-try food when you’re in town, waking you up from heavy-duty partying, though you may end up only having a sip of it.


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