Colombians’ Love Affair with Sauces

Sauce over-loading at La Castaña Empanada La

Sauce over-loading at La Castaña Empanadas

My dear friend took me to this special empanada place which I must admit has quite good empanadas! Their empanadas are oven-baked with gourmet fillings e.g. chorizo and ricotta, rather different from your regular potato-stuffed corn-skin empanadas.

Well, the real point I wish to make is, Colombians, at least those in Bogotá, love their sauces and soups. Their hamburgers are rather ‘wet’ and their flank steaks overlain with guiso (a tomato and onion sauce that unfortunately is pretty much the flavour for most Colombian dishes, as you will find chicken with guiso, pork with guiso, fish with guiso)..

So when you go to Crêpes y Waffles, the all-time popular chain, be prepared to have your savoury Crêpes drenched in cheesy/creamy sauces. It’s really not that bad, although it may not be everyone’s cuppa..

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